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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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about time. >> it's snowing! >> reporter: snowboarders brian and chris are heading up the mountains. chris, with his camera rolling as it was the other night, his video posted on youtube. >> i enjoy making videos and everything like that. >> reporter: hoping forecast for the late week warm-up doesn't kill the buzz. bob barnard, fox 5 news. i believe bob said cold temperatures this morning on this wednesday, january 4th, 2012. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is a cold one. we were talking about it's cold today. i woke up this morning and said, oh, this is colder. >> yesterday was so pleasant when it was in the 20s and 30s. >> a little blowing snow, a flurry here or there. >> high temperatures in the teens this morning. very cold start to the day. we have another cold day on tap although i do not expect to have the wind that we had yesterday so it will be a little bit better.
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let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. and yeah, these are not wind chills or anything. these are actual air temperatures. 17degrees right now here in washington. baltimore is at 14 degrees. dulles airport, 15. winchester, nine degrees. patuxent naval air station, 20 degrees. it is the coldest air we've had so far this season. here is a look at the radar. yesterday, we had the streamers coming down which actually put some snow on the ground in places like hagerstown, warrenton, places like that. our skies are partially clear this morning so don't expect much in the way of any snow flurry activity and you can see there is not much happening around the great lakes either. so your day planner for today, it will be a cold one. not as breezy. mix of clouds and sun once again. highs again into the low or mid- 30s depending on where you are. some of our views are might not get out of the upper 20s today.
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so a cold one today. there are changes coming. i will tell you about that. >> bundle up out there. >> thank you, tony. >> better news out on the roads right now. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway headed for river road, there has been a change in our traffic pattern. most of the accident activity now confined to the left shoulder. some unusual volume at this hour for folks traveling from the bridge headed back around in towards bethesda. the accident activity before river road now confined to the shoulder. outer loop. beltway in great shape. no problems to report leaving 207 headed down to the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. after what could be one of the tightest races in history, mitt romney has edged out rick santorum to come out ahead in the republican iowa caucuses. technically, they both have 25% of the ballots cast but romney wind by an eight-vote margin.
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fox's jennifer davis has more for us now. >> reporter: after spending the night in a near dead heat, early this morning, mitt romney eked out of the narrowest of victories beating rick santorum by just eight votes. while thanking his supporters, mitt romney gave credit to the runner-up. congratulation to rick santorum. this has been a great victory for him. >> we are all working together because of our passion for this country and our concern that our president may be a nice guy but just is over his head. >> what wins in america is bold ideas, sharp contrasts and a plan that includes everyone. >> reporter: ron paul placed third and he says he is going to carry his surge ever support to new hampshire. >> this momentum is going to continue and this movement is going to continue and we are going to keep scoring just as we have tonight. >> reporter: one-time
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frontrunner rick perry finished fifth among iowa voters. the low placement is causing him to take a hard look at his presidential bid. >> with the voters' decision tonight in iowa, i've decided to rerp to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path mother ward for myself in this race. >> reporter: voteers put newt gingrich at fourth and michelle bachmann near last only beating out john huntsman who never campaigned in the state. next up is new hampshire's primary where mitt romney is favored but after the strong showing by rick santorum and ron paul, analysts say anything is possible. >> thank you. officials say mitt romney will pick up an endorsement from senator john mccain who twice won the new hampshire primary and was the gop presidential nominee in 2008. the republican candidates were battling it out. president obama was reaching out to democrats in iowa. he held a video conference with supporters and touted his records. >> the problems that we've been
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dealing with over the last three years, they didn't happen overnight. we are not going to fix them overnight. we have been making steady progress as long as we can sustain it. that is what this is all about. >> president obama won the iowa caucuses when he was a democratic presidential candidate four years ago. the deadline has passed for d.c. council member harry thomas to make a second payment to the city. >> it is all part of a deal to repay the money he allegedly took from an account for youth sports. stacy cohan has more. >> reporter: this is the second of six payments that he agreed to make as part of a deal he made back in july. thomas is accused of using $300,000 marked for youth sports on personal items like a luxury suv, trips and meals. this missed $50,000 payment come a month after the fbi and irs agents raided the councilmembers' home in connection with these
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allegations. if thomas fails to pay up, his private company, hlt swingaway will be liable and if the assets aren't available there, the city then can go after thomas' personal property. court papers show the councilmember is also negotiating with the federal government to repay outstanding student loan debt. the justice demeanor was seeking $20,000 to pay off loans incurred in the 1980s. thomas agreed to pay off that debt in monthly installments over a three-year period. >> thank you. mounting tensions between the united states and iran. up next, the u.s. responds to the latest threat. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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ate 76-year-old plan from prince george's county is missing. this is a picture of him. don holiday hawkins was last seen driving from his home in temple hills. he was apparently taking a family member to the naylor road metro station. he was driving a car similar to this one. it has hay maryland tag of a
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056455. hawkins suffered from diabetes and dementia and is in need of his medication. in northeast d.c., police tell fox 5 a man was shot in the 1500 block of 45th street around 7:00 last night. police have made no arrests in the case and have not identified the victim. fox 5 has also confirmed that the sexual assault in a woman's car in northwest d.c. was not a random attack. our sources telling us the victim is in the middle of a contentious child custody battle. the 15-month-old baby was in the car when the man jumped into the car and assaulted her. we are told the man said something that indicated he knew about that custody dispute. ute. developing overseas, tenses continue to escalate between iran and the united states. u.s. officials say they plan to ignore iran's warning to keep an american carrier out of the persian gulf. these comments come in response
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to iran's newest threat to close the strait of hormuz which is a critical waterway for the oil trade. on sunday, iran announced a successful production of a nuclear fuel rod and a missile. a suspect with a rather odd look. the so-called bandaged bandit. we'll tell you what he is accused of next in a full report. the latest on today's weather forecast coming up. it is really cold outside. julie wright is here. she is bundled up and she will tell us what is happening on the area roadways. this have been some problems out there this morne the latest stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  the word is swapportunity.
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welcome back. we take a look from tower cam. very cold out there. it is going to feel like wintertime. temperatures in the teens out there. time to let the christmas tree
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recycling begin now. d.c. workers are busy turning the used trees into mulch. if you would like them to do that with your tree, can you put your trees and wreaths on the curb for pick-up now. >> be sure to remost decoration and don't put them in any kind of bag. they will be collected until january 14th. one school delay to pass along. it is our friends out in the west in garrett county. those schools on a two-hour delay today. more snow yesterday so school is on a two-hour delay. >> just for them, not here. >> just cold here. yeah, just cold. not as breezy although the wind are blowing at about seven miles per hour. that is enough to give us a wind chill in the single dim its. so dim a cold start to the morningen. and even without the wind, it is 17 degrees so pretty rough out there. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures, we'll talk about that first. as expected, we made it into the low to mid-30s. 34degrees at reagan national
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was the high. dulles international, 31 degrees. bwi marshall only made it up to 32 degrees yesterday. the current temperatures, that is what everyone is going to be talking about this morning as we are in the teens or worse, nine degrees right now in winchester, virginia. 10 in frederick, maryland. 17 here in the district. quantico is at 20. baltimore is at 14 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the sentinel satellite-radar and what we can see here is that we've got a mix of clouds and sun around the mid-atlantic region. right now, the skies are pretty clear across washington if you want to try to take a look, see if you can see any of those shooting stars with that meteor shower. i saw one this morning. i thought i would see a whole bunch. we do have cloud cover down to the south. we'll get more cloud cover moving in during the course of the day today. what you will notice is we don't have much in the way of those streamers coming off the great lakes yesterday so nothing really in the way of
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any snow for portions of our viewing area for today. so the forecast looks like this. once again, a mix of clouds and sun. still cold but less breezy than it was yesterday when our winds gusted up to 30 miles per hour or so. high today, we'll go with 34 again for your high today. for tonight, mostly cloudy. a few flurries will be possible tonight. not quite as cold. overnight low in town, 29 degrees. winds pick up a little bit. they could gust up to about 15 miles per hour so not as bad as yesterday but still cold and rather breezy. your five-day forecast, tomorrow is a better day. 45degrees. that is actually a couple of degrees above norm am. friday, not bad. we start to get the temperatures dropping again. 48 on sunday with a few showers possible. that is the latest on what is happening with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright to find out what is happening with traffic. >> all i want to say is you know it's cold when you open up the door and beagle bailey puts
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one little paw out and turns around and is like, really? >> i'm not doing this today. >> i'm hold it until summer. that a's what -- that's what he's saying. we have a car are two left on the shoulder inner loop of the beltway at river road. lanes are open. no delays as you continue up to 270. much improved here but the accident activity, some of it remaining on the shoulder. lanes are open now in virginia on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. you're sat peed doing the double nickel in the hovs headed up towards 395. no problems to report on the beltway in either direction at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. montgomery county police are hoping can you help them catch the so-called bandage bandit. he robbed a cvs pharmacy in montgomery village on christmas eve and is still out there.
5:19 am
audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: this is video of customers going in and out of the cvs pharmacy at montgomery village on christmas eve. the bandable bandit walks right in at 8:45 p.m. looking very mummy-like on a mission to rob the place. >> cvs employees called us to inform us that a suspect went to the farm asy, passed a note to the employees demanding drugs. >> reporter: police don't know if the man was really hurt or if this is a disguise. they can't say what drugs he stole for fear of jeopardizing the investigation. >> it is a detective's decision. >> reporter: this is the third robbery at this store since november 17th but police don't believe it is related to the other two. that suspect was a black male with a shotgun. the bandage bandit is a white male about 25 years old, six feet tall to 6 #, 200 pounds. >> we are releasing a video and hoping that maybe someone recognizes the way he talks,
5:20 am
recognizes some of his clothing. we are looking to the public in hopes that maybe someone can identify this gentleman. >> reporter: customers have their theories about why it is being targeted. >> being that that they changed to 24 hours, it is open to man more people coming in at different times of the night. >> i stop here often late at night. i don't usually feel unsafe. >> reporter: are you surprised to hear it has been robbed three times. >> i didn't know that. yeah, i'm very, very surprised to hear that. >> reporter: investigators say they don't have any local reports of other bandaged criminals committing crimes. they want to unraffle this one before he strikes again. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. crimesolvers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that helps police catch the bandage bandit. it is time to take a spin. >> if you've ever seen these guys on the side of the road and wondered what is the deal with all that?
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welcome back. taking a live look outside right now. a cold wednesday morning. you have probably seen these guys on at street corner and there is a pretty good chance you could not look away.
5:24 am
a local company is making money spreading messages. >> as beth parker shows us, it takes a whole lot of energy to do this. >> reporter: running, jumping jacks. >> down. >> reporter: push-ups, all in the bitter cold. this isn't boot camp, this is sign spinning practice. >> i cannot tell you how many calories i burn but it is a lot. >> reporter: arrow, inc. is a sign company start bid a georgetown university back in 2001. his college roommate is a maryland native. >> you can't change the channel when you are at a stoplight. >> you can't help it. >> no doubt, you've seep them twirling around town. >> state farm, h & r block. >> reporter: they will tell you, sign spinning is a sport. >> they guys practice at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and make
5:25 am
their own high height videos. for somebody to play football all the way through high school and college, i would say this is the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> spin, freeze. >> can you teach me some of that. i'm super uncoordinated. >> over to the left. >> there you go. >> reporter: all my years at a majorette finally paying off. so am i hired. >> not yet. you need about five more practices. >> reporter: practice and personality, the smile, the point, the wave. pay starts at $10 an hour. raises are earned. >> if we catch them out there dancing, having a great time, they should be worth more money. i've got random scars here and there from the science hitting me in the face and things like that. >> reporter: just never let them see you sweat. >> reporter: in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you can give them a little more respect the next time you see them on the side of the road. >> i had no idea what all went
5:26 am
into it. now we know. >> still plenty ahead. >> he won by just eight votes. eight votes is all we're talking about here. stay with us. we'll have more on that coming up on the other side of the break. turns to winter
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right now -- a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge right now. you can see traffic starting to pick up. you want to put the seat warmers on, folks. you will need them this morning. 17-degree is what that says right there. >> or put a little bit of that shag carpet on the seat before you get in. >> that looks real nice. >> what year are we in there? >> i remember that. >> i'm sure you do. >> it is cold, that is the bottom line. very, very cold out there. not much he is going o the winds have died down, which is good. we don't have any snow blowing around like we did yesterday but it is very, very cold. we'll take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with a look at sentinel radar and we'll show you just how clear it is out there. there are some clouds but nothing in the way of precipitation. very quiet conditions all across the washington area and most of the mid-atlantic. nothing to worry about there. here is what you have to worry about. the temperatures across the region, actual air temperatures. right now at reagan national, it is 17 degrees. dulles is at 14 and bwi
5:30 am
marshall is at 14. at reagan, it actually feels like i think it is eight degree because of the wind chill. so very, very cold morning. here is a look at the planner for today. not a lot going on but it will remain cold, below normal temperatures. a mix of clouds and sun. high today again only into the low, maybe mid-30s depending on where you are and i think for some of you, up to the north, you may not get out of the 20s. that certainly is a possible. so just a cold day. we will have some improvement towards the end of the week. i'll tell you about that in just a minute. >> improvement into maybe the upper 30s? >> no, 50s. >> really? okay. i'm listen for that. >> it would be pretty easy to improve on what we have now. >> steve chenevey, 76 days to summer. >> at least spring but wishful thinking. >> that may be spring. >> well, closer to getting where i want it to be. how about that? >> we'll leave it there.
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>> 359 northbound here at duke street, no problems reported as you guys continue north of landmark headed up and across the 14th street bridge. an easy start in both the hov lanes and the main line as you leave the beltway headed northbound towards the 14th street bridge. overnight construction has been cleared in the hot lane zone as you guys travel between arlington boulevard and tysons corner. the remains of the accident activity out of the roadway. just one car left in the shoulder. the commute looks good between 270 and the american legion bridge. downtown traffic also at speed leaving northeast to northwest. wait for the traffic light to change here but other than that, all lanes open head out towards the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. after what could be one of the tightest races in history, mitt romney has pulled off a victory over republican candidates in the iowa caucusess. >> the eight-vote margin out of
5:32 am
more than 122,000 straw poll votes cast. peter deucey joins us now from capitol hill with more on this. i don't think anybody expected it to be this close. >> reporter: yeah, normally, we would be wake up and saying that romney maybe won by 8% but he won by only eight votes. he essentially tied. romney and santorum both gave what essentially acted to be victory speeches because they both got 25% of the vote. third place was ron paul. in fourth, gingrich. fifth, rick perry and sixth, bachmann. bachmann said that her campaign is going to go on. rick perry said he would head back to texas to see if there is a path forward for him. >> the question i guess now is what do you make out of the results when it comes to moving forward to new hampshire and who gained momentum that could propel them forward. >> it is very interesting. a lot of people are saying santorum is the new conservative choice to be the
5:33 am
non-romney republican candidate. but in new hampshire right now, their primary, first in the nation primary, is next tuesday, the 10th. romney right now has 43% in the suffolk tracking poll. santorum only has 5. so romney still has what could be an insurmountable lead but then again, just two, three weeks ago, nobody expected rick santorum to finish so well in iowa and here he is, just eight votes behind the person who has been the frontrunner for over a year, mitt romney. >> a lot of people say iowa is very different though from new hampshire. do we think -- is there any thought out there that santorum can keep the traction, the momentum that he has going into new hampshire? >> last night after it became clear that it was going to be either romney or santorum who was going to finish, they actually both spoke before the official results came in, but one of the santorum senior staffers told fox that they now
5:34 am
believe this is just a two- person race for the nomination, romney and santorum. if he doesn't do well in new hampshire, there is always south carolina, which a lot of people say is the first contest which is really representative, very similar to the make-up of the rest of the country in terms of demographics. >> very good point. peter tuesdayy on the hill for us. thank you so much. we have republican candidates who are battling it out. president obama was reaping out to democrats in iowa. he held a video conference with supporters and touts his record. >> acrossed board, you have made a difference. we all necessity we have a lot more work to do. although we massed health care reform, we passed wall street reform. there are a lot of forces that want to push back against it. and want to undo some of those changes. >> president obama won the iowa caucuses. you will remember when he was the democratic presidential candidate fouriers ago. other stories making headlines, d.c. council member harry thomas has failed to pay
5:35 am
the city a second installment of $50,000. it is all part of the deal to repay money he allegedly took from a city fund. >> reporter: where's the money. that is the question officials are asking councilmember harry thomas this morning. thomas is accused of taking $300,000 allocated for youth sports and using it to pay for a luxury suv and expensive trips. back in july, thomas cut a deal in which he refused to admit any prong doing while agreeing to pay back the money in six installments of $50,000 each. now, he has missed the december 31st deadline if the second payment. some in the council are calling for his resignation but not all. >> i think there is a legal process that is taking place right now, matt, and i'm going to allow the legal process to carry itself out. we're going to focus our energy and continue to make sure we communicate the work that wear doing and delivering for the residents of the district of columbia even new these tough economic times.
5:36 am
>> reporter: the missed payment comes a month after the fbi and irs raided thomas' home as part of a criminal probe stemming from the allegation. if he does not come up with the cash, his private company is liable. if that company doesn't have the assets, the city can, quote, use all means available to collect. >> thank you. it is the nation's capital but not a state. people here are ready for that to change. today, mayor vincent gray, kwame brown and michael brown and david catania will hold a news conference to detail their upcoming trip to new hampshire where they will make the case that the district should become the 51st state. they will be asking state legislatures to pass resolutions supporting their cause. new hampshire lawmakers introduced such a resolution last year. frightening moments during an attack at a local hospital.
5:37 am
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making headlines, a man on drugs goes on a rampage at a local hospital. police say marlin summerville stabed a visitor with scissors and threatened others. he admitted to being on pcp. officers had to tase him four separate times, used a baton and deployed a police dog to get him under control. summerville was all arrested by police in manassas for breaking and entering a home on new year's eve. the story that could be right out of a tv dram a a dead body found on the queen of eng land's he is space while she is visiting the property for new year's. a man walking his dog found girl's remains on new year's day in the sandringham estate. the queen and her husband were atending church services at the time the body was discovered. investigatorsen the body was there for at least a month.
5:41 am
>> i think the circumstances indicate that she is probably the victim of murder and we'll continue our uninquiries over the scene of the accident days and week to establish who she is and how she came to be here and who is responsible for her being here. dna from the autopsy is expected later today. sandringham covers an area large are than manhattan in new york city and part of the estate is don't public. the rumor mill heating up in baseball. could a big bat be coming to washington? >> probably would be welcome. prince fielder to the nats? could happen. we'll see what the junkies think coming up next. up next.
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four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. take a look from tower cam this morning over northwest d.c. at 5:44 this morning. bottom left of your screen, keep ere. that is where the temperature is. right now checking in at 17 degrees. a little chilly out there this morning. here a look at today's my fox half off deal of the day. skin beauty lounge in d.c.
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offering its skin classic facial for $52. that is half off the $105 value. >> it includes a purifying cleanse, exfoliation, a light extraction and a refreshing mask. to take advantage, head to and look for the link to my fox half off on the right side of the page. before we talk with stony be a school closing to pass along here. winchester public schools in virginia are closed today. >> also, garrett county schools on a two-hour delay because of yesterday's snow. winchester schools closed today. garrett county schools on a two- hour delay. probably get a few more soon. we'll pass those along when we do. >> i know kids here are probably like i wish that was us. >> not enough snow here. out to the west, where we've had more snowfall in the last 24 hours, some of the reports, frostburg, maryland, 5.5 inches. some of these location, this would be in addition to some snow they got over the course of the weekend or on monday. winchester, 2.5 inches during the last 24 hours.
5:46 am
so some of these places, a few inches. in highland county in virginia, 8 inches of snow. so varying amounts. here again, yesterday, just the snow blowing around, some of the flurries. it did coat the ground in some locations, warrenton, hagerstown, so some spots out there where we got enough snow to the cover the ground. this morning, no snow falling around the washington area. not much in the way of cloud cover out there. ments a cold start to the day. that is the main thing. here is a look at the area temperatures. 17degrees in washington. that is your actual air temperature. annapolis, 19 degrees. gaithersburg is at 10 degrees. dulles airport, 14. manassas, 16. winchester, the cold spot at nine degrees at this hour. and cold and with snow on the ground there. now, factor in the winds which are not particularly strong this morning but still strong enough to give us a wind chill in the single digits here in
5:47 am
d.c. eight degrees is what it feels like. 10 in gaithersburg. eight in baltimore. nine in annapolis, nine degrees in manassas is what it feels like when you step outside with the breeziness that we have out there. take a look at the surface map. show you some relief that is on the way. we've got that cold air in place here in the northeast and the mid-atlantic. we do have a warm frontal boundy that will be coming through here. as it does, it could trig air few snow flurries and behind it, we'll get milder air, temperatures in the 50s and then some showers will move in here we think on sunday. right now, i would say about a 30% chance of that. the forecast for today looks like this. mix of clouds and some sun. still cold, less breezy. 34degrees for your high today. again, that is what we had yesterday. for tonight, mostly cloudy. a few flurries are possible tonight. overnight low, about 29 degrees in town so not as cold as last night but the wind do pick up a little bit. it could gust up to about 15 miles per hour or so.
5:48 am
thursday, a little bit better, 45 degrees. feels really better friday, saturday, sunday. highs into the low to mid-50s off a bit to saturday. the upper 40s. that is still above normal and we do have the chance of a few showers. that is the latest on the weather. now, julie wright is standing by with the latest on your drive in to work. >> so far, so good in this hour. we are finding no incidents reported at the wilson bridge, no problems to report on the beltway. traveling between andrews and landover, you will find light traffic volume on 270. leaving father hurley boulevard headed past mva, you will find yourself at speed. the beltway looks good traveling between college park and bethesda. no problems to report if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway leaving the 95 spring peeled interchange and headed out towards 66, overnight road work has cleared. along the canal road corridor here at the chain bridge, traffic flowing freely coming in from the clara barton parkway headed out towards
5:49 am
georgetown. no problems to report traveling across the chain bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. you will have to shell out more change to park in some areas of montgomery county. it will cost you 10 cents more per hour to park in downtown silver spring. parking also went up along rockville pike, veirs mill, randolph roads. heart breaking for virginia tech last night. caps still hot and word is the nats are in the hunt for one. most coveted fee agents of the off season. let's check in with the junkies from 106.7 the fan. did you get the pick the nice color of the walls there. >> i like it. are you hating on it, steve? >> i like it. >> i like it too. i think it works. it is kind of manly. >> we're patriotic. we wanted red, white and blue. >> it keeps you awake in the morning if nothing else. can you look at it and get a
5:50 am
little jolt of energy. >> no, coffee and caffeine keeps us awake. this is the story that boggles my mind. how does norv turner still have a job in the nfl? >> amazing to me. fair chargers fans, you probably are very disgruntled today. they are coming back, he and aj smith. the big name players went to bat for him and i guess that goes a long way for the openership. >> in his defense, the team played well down the stretch. they had the six-game losing streak and they went 4-1 down the back stretch. >> but the six-game losing streak destroys your season. >> but a lot of that was philip rivers. >> over seven years, now sick years, that team has been a huge underachiever. >> yeah. >> and guys get fired after two or three years let alone six. >> but you can make an argument for continuity. look at the cincinnati bengals. he they had an opportunity to fire march inlewis. a lot of people thought that was going to happen. they are in the playoffs this
5:51 am
season. norv gets one more crack at it. >> keep the guys fired up here. i'll be able to keep my job for another season. >> he has been getting that one more crack for about six years now. the washington nationals are trying to prove that they are competing for the nl east title. they have shored up the rotation. big question is with the free agents on the field, prince fielder is the big name that has been flown around. is this legitimate? >> i think it is. >> absolutely. >> the lerners are the wealthiest owner in baseball, they've got to get another bat that hits behind zimmerman and is the big name obviously out there. he is 27 and he plays a decent first base. but he had his best year this year and you have to go out and get bats if you want to compete. >> pretty soon, every player on the washington nationals will be represented by scott boris.
5:52 am
he wants a contract similar to what albert pujols signed. and jason members jace and jason mentioned it. the lerners have the deepest pockets in baseball. he is a first baseman. how many first base men? >> mothers can go to the outfield. can shore up there. you mentioned scott boris which just translates into huge dollar signs. after the insane a money they threw at jayson werth last year, is it more money if they throw a contract at him this year. >> he is a better player. the only reason she was playing first base last year is because laroche got hurt. can you find a spot for him. >> but isn't it also true that, as time passes, the pujols deal is done a month ago. price is going down for fielder. >> if you are going be for a player, steve, in that division
5:53 am
and you want to compete for world series championships, you have to get the talent. >> the lerners own every office building and mall in the entire d.c. metro. they can spend the money. >> if they get him and they're able it put him in at first base right now and you plug him in and you've got strasburg and everybody stays healthy, can they make the playoffs this year or is this a couple of years down the road? >> he they might be expanding the playoffs by one team. they'll mechanic it interesting. they're not the phillies or atlanta. >> if they expand the playoffs by eight team, they will make it. one might being shaky. >> if will be fun to watch at least if somebody is winning in this town. thanks. we'll see you tomorrow. a big auction today involving a whole lot of coin. thousands ever coin pieces going to the highest bidder. up next, what makes this
5:54 am
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time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. it is la keisha clemons. she is from culpeper, virginia and says she is one of our biggest fans. we appreciate you watching. hope you are watching right now. if you want to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, find us on facebook under fox 5 morning news. hundreds of ancient greek coins are going up for auction
5:57 am
in new york today. >> more than 600 pieces of currenty will go to the highest bidder at the waldorf astoria hotel. the coins expected to fetch millions of dollars. they despict gods de-- they depict gods. >> it is full of wonderful rareties, this collection. >> experts think the clx could go for as much as -- the collection could go for as much as $8 million. >> i could use a piece of that. more on mitt rome necessity's ever so close win in iowa. >> we'll check your weather and morning commute as fox 5 news will be right back. 
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